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Homeowners Insurance Question from Oak Park, Illinois

Asked on 7/12/2010.   This question has received 2040 views.
What does sewer and drain water damage coverage mean?

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Answer given on July 13, 2010 by DC

The standard homeowner policy covers water damage to your home if the sewer backs up, such as a toilet overflowing.  However, many policies exclude sewer and water damage if the backup occurs outside of the home.  If the sewer system of your town, or in your area backs up and backs up into your home the insurance policy may not cover it.  You can purchase additional protection for this type of water damage for a nominal cost.  If the sewer back up is excluded on your policy, I recommend you speak with your insurance agent and ask about adding this additional protection. 
The option would be to try to get payment from the sewer company for any damages caused.