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Rating: 2.0225 Reviews Blue Cross Blue Shield has received an average of 2.0 stars out of 5 based on 225 user reviews.

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Founded 1929 in Dallas, TX, BCBS now has 39 member companies and is among the largest U.S. employers...Read More

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President   Scott P. Serota
225 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Reviews and Customer Comments

"DO NOT sign up for any "Affordable Care Act" plans with this company. They have been extremely reckless neglectful and irresponsible and my family's health is at risk because of it. I understand this Obamacare mess has been a disaster from the beginning but BCBS has made the situation even worse by making decisions that cause extreme frustration and stress to new members like us. Our hold times since January have been over 60 mins at any given time of the day. They hired a large number of new employees in a frenzy to throw on the phones answer the large number of calls/questions. Now still at least 45 minutes to get to the "members" dept where all of these new hires sit with NO CLUE what they are doing. I have had to explain basic medical / insurance terms with them it's scary. Since January signing up we still have NOT received ID cards Benefits booklets or working online access to find this info nothing We are paying for a plan that is invisible Doctors will not see us without showing our ID cards and copy of premium payment every visit therefore we don't even have coverage. Each time you call you will get a completely different answer to the same question OR "I'm not real sure what your plan covers" or "we're still trying to find out what the new regulations make us cover"I have spent over 30 hours on the phone or online trying to get answers and they do not care if you tell them when you have had to go through to get a person on the phone and then be told they don't know.To top all of this off we have been sent letters stating they are changing the premium due dates from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. I called to make sure I understood correctly I was told yes that was correct and that there is also a 30 day grace period. Next I am at the doctors office after waiting months to get in. The office staff tells me they called to verify coverage and they were told my policy was terminated because I did not pay my premium by the 1st of the month I went home and called BCBS I was on the phone with a brand new person that said nothing but.. "ummm I don't know I'm new" and then 3 hours and 45 minutes later spoke with "supervisor department" and she said they don't know anything about the due date change and that it must have been a mistake I told her "No I called to verify I understood the change and that we received another letter saying the same thing for the upcoming month" she said it shouldn't have been sent to me and that there is not any info in the system that says anything about it I ended that call feeling hopeless and in disbelief. I don't know what to do know. If their letters are really coming by mistake I will have to send 1400 immediately to cover last month and this month and I still have no ID cards or info on our coverage benefits. I have since cancelled 6 appointments for our family that were scheduled due to our plan that we have paid for no longer exists. If anyone had the time to read this LONG explanation and can help or give suggestions please let me know Thank you. "
Commented on 2014-04-07 17:22:31 EST
"Seems one of those companies who give customers a run-around and not provide the service. Signed up for Health and Dental insurance in January to be effective March 1st. They gave policy number but when I call back to inquire about policy details customer service does not recognize that number name or anything else. Transfer one place to another take my hours of time finally get some answer that does not satisfy my concern. Very proactive in charging and sending tons of mailers in US Mail double mailing. Policy information comes last and does not match with their Sales brochure on coverage details. Wait time of 12 months on certain procedures not listed in sales version of coverage details. Sending bill after coverage started...based on my experience if the bill is received late or not paid they can potentially reject the policy? We will see what happens. So we chose the PCP on their web-site they sent cards with different PCP not even in our area. Somewhere far away. Nor we know the Doctor. Our Doctors were first in their Network a month later they say they are not any more so we chose different ones who clearly stated accept new patients. New card comes in mail. Called Doctor's office they don't accept new patients. We are back to square one. Can't see a Doctor. Customer service wait time in in hours. When CS attends the phone they provide information that I am unable to trust. Have spent many-many hours signing up for the insurance. But not able to get any service or medical or dental coverage. Totally frustrated and lost. Next I am thinking of sending story to news media and ask for insurance premium refund."
Commented on 2014-03-04 20:54:20 EST
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