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Grange Company Information

Customer Rating:
Rating: 2.0102 Reviews Grange has received an average of 2.0 stars out of 5 based on 102 user reviews.

Company History:
Grange was founded in 1935 by John C. Haaf. Today, Grange makes over $1.3 billion in annual revenues.More than 30% of Grange's customers have renewed their policies 15 or more times. The average employee spends 10 years working for the company and Grange provides financial support to 501(c)(3) organizations in health and human services, education, civic and safety organization support, and arts and community enrichment programs. ..Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Long Term Care, Life, Homeowners

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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Contact Information for Grange

Company Contact Info:
President/Chief Executive Officer   Thomas H. Welch
671 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43206-1066

Grange Reviews and Customer Comments

"After an small accident car was written off by Grange as total due to air begs deploying. They gave us about half the value of replacement. They did no investigating as to who was at fault but said they did lied. They are not honest people. Would not recommend this company to my enemy. "
Commented on 2014-11-19 13:11:01 EST
"I have been a Grange customer for 25 years. 16 years as a home owner and 25 years with an auto policy. This past week Grange declined to renew my policy with only a form letter and I doubt they even notified my former insurance agent. I had a total of 2 claims on my house policy one was an act of God when a tree uprooted and fell onto our roof and the other was a personal liability.There should be laws enacted to prevent thieves like this to operate. I would advise anyone to stay as far away from Grange as possible."
Commented on 2014-10-07 14:19:13 EST
" The Agent that came to our home was very respectful and understood all that we were going through."
Commented on 2014-10-02 13:01:35 EST
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