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Complaint 8 of 24 in "Offering Too Little Money"

Insurance Carrier: Hanover Insurance Group
State: Massachusettes

Consumer Complaint:

The insurance company that represents a driver that caused damage to our car in an accident refuses to pay the full amount that we are being charged to rent a vehicle while our car is being repaired. They are limiting it to just $26.25 per day when the rental is costing us $49.00 a day. They are also limiting the amount of time to just 5 days when our car will be in the shop for longer than that. Our car is a Hyundai Santa Fe and the rental is a comparable vehicle - a Dodge Journey. Is this legal or will I have to sue them to get reimbursed for the difference in cost of the rental?

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you had collision coverage you'd be in good shape. Here you are a stranger to the driver that hit you. Most car rental agencies have special very low rates in such circumstances, and you seem to be paying the "rack rate." You can always sue the other driver and try to recover all costs, including the repairs, full long rental, etc. but I doubt they'll pay otherwise. And when you pick up your car watch what you sign. It may include a waiver and release. .