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Complaint 9 of 24 in "Offering Too Little Money"

Insurance Carrier: US Agencies
State: Louisiana

Consumer Complaint:

On March 10, 2009, at 11:45, a man's truck was knocked out of gear by one of his kids. It rolled out of his driveway across the street and hit my parked truck. I had an adjuster do an estimate on my truck. To repair the rear end damage would run $2997.11. At first US AGENCIES made an offer of $500.00. Now they have finally offered $1,200.00 after I faxed over the estimation sheet. I will settle on $3,500 to cover expenses. But they don't seem to think the damage is worth that much. I have decided to see a lawyer about this situation. Can you give some pointers on what to do?

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you have collision coverage we would suggest letting your company handle it, and although you'd initially bear the deductible, when your company goes after the neighbor's insurance company or neighbor under its rights of subrogation, you'd likely get it all or mostly back as insurance companies rarely play the kind of games between themselves that this one is playing with you. Aside from that the attorney will know what makes sense under local circumstances, which may include Small Claims Court. As long as you're going, this is really one for a local expert