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Complaint 19 of 24 in "Offering Too Little Money"

Insurance Carrier: Guide One Insurance
State: Tennesse

Consumer Complaint:

Accident happened in June of 2008. Took 2 months to settle on total of my car. My daughter had to be taken to hospital because of the air bags busting. Her left ear was hurting, she was bruised and arms swelled. She worked at Dairy Queen and they fired her because she couldn't work that night. I'm taking her to an ear specialist this month. I have called and talked to at least 4 different people at Guide One Insurance and they give me the run around or won't even call back. Now today I finally talked to another person there and they have told me that I have to pay the doctor bills and then they will reimburse me because my daughter was the 3rd party. I can't explain everything in this note. I am now going to see if my own insurance company will pay the bills because they are over 90 days late.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Dealing with the other side's insurance company on a personal injury matter on your own is NEVER a good thing to do. The other side's insurance company is your adversary.

Your own company will likely cover the bills under your auto policy's medical payment provisions, in most states, and then get reimbursement from the other company or when the case is settled. But you need a lawyer to evaluate if there is a personal injury case that is worthwhile pursuing.