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Complaint 20 of 24 in "Offering Too Little Money"

Insurance Carrier: State Farm
State: Georgia

Consumer Complaint:

A lady ran 2 stop signs. It was raining and I didn't see her until it was too late. She hit us and sent us into spin in road. Then shot us like a rocket into center median. We hit concrete culvert and stopped (very sudden stop). We had my husband, myself and 3 children in back seat. My car was totaled. State Farm offer was not near enough money to cover our car and replace it. Plus they only paid for 10 days in rental car and we had to pay 15 dollars a day to cover the car when it wasn't even our fault. So we went without a car for a month or so before we could get the extra money to buy another car. Now we had to hire lawyer to take State Farm to court to pay our doctor and hospital bills. This is not right or fair to the innocent party that was just coming home from vacation. I feel that her insurance company should have to pay everything even money we had to pay for rental insurance.

Insurance Expert Answer:

As you have retained a lawyer to represent you -- good thing -- the lawyer should be the source of your advice. In general the property damage and collateral damage is the tiny part of any claim where there is personal injury. Don't let it be the small tail that wags the big dog. Make sure your lawyer is aware of the issues and let him or her try to get that back for you when the case settles. But never sign anything or deal with the company on the car without your lawyer's advice.