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Insurance Carrier: Westfield
State: Indiana

Consumer Complaint:

Accident occurred 7/30/08. I had no vehicle to drive until 8/25/08. I picked it up at Shop 9/10/08, drove it for a few miles and came back to inform Shop of ongoing problems. Called Westfield, told my adjuster was on vacation. Enterprise didn’t have another rental. My truck was leaking large amount of trans. fluid. Shop called and told me to drive it back to them; rental was now available 9/12/08. They would contact Westfield for approval to fix things that were not fixed that was on the list, i.e., overhead light staying on, clunk noise when taking off or stopping, steering wheel lopsided, noise from engine "wooooooo" sound ,door not locking. Now Westfield of Minnesota has handed it off to Westfield of Ind. I am being told by Shop that Adjuster/Auditor/Ace/ is saying none of these things are accident-related, even though they were told about them originally. I am also out $500.00 for my prescription eye glasses, of which I am required to wear while driving. I am still suffering the effects of this 40 mph head on collision (I was sitting in PARK).

Insurance Expert Answer:

MY GOSH! You should IMMEDIATELY seek out a personal injury lawyer. Go to our affiliate at

You are making the common mistake most people do after an accident that does not take them to the hospital -- worrying about the car and not the injury. Yet the damage to the car is the tail and it should not be wagging the big dog -- the injury. The possible problem is that by not seeing a lawyer and medical treatment immediately you may have devalued your case. But see a lawyer now as today is better than tomorrow.

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