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Complaint 12 of 24 in "Offering Too Little Money"

Insurance Carrier: Mercury Insurance
State: California

Consumer Complaint:

My daughter is 14. She was a passenger in a car. The insurance wants to offer her $2500.00. Her arm was crushed. They put a plate in it. She can never play football again. She had 23 staples and a cast. I think they should add another $0 to this amount!

Insurance Expert Answer:

I want to say this in a nice way, but there is really no other way to say it other than "are you nuts?" Your daughter has sustained a MAJOR, life-changing event. She'll be impacted for life. You are dealing with an insurance company (in this case with one that prides itself on low rates which often means low payments to insureds and those they'll injure).

Your insurance carrier (and other insurance companies) are experts in negotiation. They know YOU -- and anyone else who tries to deal with them without an attorney -- are clueless -- worse then a babe in the woods. In short, unless you're highly experienced in negotiating with insurance companies, what are you doing? They already have an idea that you are desperate. Of course, if the "at fault" driver had no or minimal value insurance, and s/he and the owner of the car have zero assets, would quickly tell you, and there is no issue as to the car's mechanical condition such that someone else may bear some responsibility the maximum potential recovery may be modest. That's something a lawyer would tell you. You'll find lots of good auto accident lawyers at our affiliate

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