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Complaint 11 of 13 in "Rear Ended"

Insurance Carrier: Zurich Insurance
State: Massachusetts

Consumer Complaint:

Two cars collided in front of me and on my intent to stop fast, I was rear-ended by another car and I was pushed to rear end the truck in front of me. I have pictures from all angles that show skin marks of my car. Does the car that rear ended me responsible for the coverage of my car?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Hopefully you have liability insurance. If so, immediately report it to your insurance company and let your liability insurance company handle this. Say nothing to any other party or any party's insurance company or any adjuster or any lawyer. Anything you say can and will be used against you and could cause your insurance company to do some things you would not like if you prejudice the case.

In multi-party accidents everyone in sight usually get sued. The insurance companies involved were NOT there and they have no way of being 100% certain whether you hit car 2 (further harming car 1) or if you had stopped and car plowing into you also was negligent. This will all get sorted out.

IF you were injured see a lawyer through - if you were injured the lawyers  work on a contingency basis - no fee except out of the recovery.