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Insurance Carrier: Allstate
State: New Jersey

Consumer Complaint:

I was stopped at traffic light (red light) when I was struck from behind (rear-ended) by the car behind me. I was injured and did seek medical attention and have cooperated with all parties involved. To date I have not been offered in anything and don't understand what the hold-up is and would like some answers other than the usual bureaucratic excuses that claims take time.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you have had personal injury as a result of someone else's negligence, you did the right thing by hiring a lawyer. In 99% of the situations where there is any more than trivial injury, you'll be better off. The other driver's company will deal with the lawyer you retained. They will NOT contact you -- and if you show you are hungry for a settlement -- they'll factor that in and further reduce what they will offer. These things can take time.