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Insurance Carrier: Kentucky Farm Bureau
State: Kentucky

Consumer Complaint:

My 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ was stolen on 12/08 and recovered 3 days later. It was traded for drugs, wrecked. Do I have to accept my car back as I do not know how it was treated (engine, 4 w drive, trans.) for 3 days? Also, if fixed, can I get open claim due to possible mechanical problems later? Kentucky Farm Bureau wants to repair. My car was in like new condition; service records from the day it was bought. I still owe $11,500 and don't want problems later due to this incident.

Insurance Expert Answer:

It's your vehicle and the insurance company insured it -- it did not agree to buy it. If it's recovered their only obligation is to pay for repairs. You may be able to have a shop of your choice do the repairs -- I have no idea if KY's insurance laws provide for consumer choice of a repair shop or not. So ask the Insurance Department in Frankfort.