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Complaint 10 of 13 in "Repair Issues"

Insurance Carrier: Geico
State: North Carolina

Consumer Complaint:

My car (brand-new 09 Toyota Camry) hit a tree laid on highway during hurricane. When I first called Geico for road side assistance, I was told that it will be filed as Non-fault accident. When I called Geico two days later, liability adjuster recorded my statement with many questions. After that, he said that it will be filed as At-fault accident. Geico towed my car to their preferred repair shop and had them fix my car without clearly informing me that I'm not required to use their preferred repair facility, although policy says otherwise. Plus, Geico hired incompetent repair facility, had repair facility use aftermarket parts which have voided my extended warranty from Toyota. Adjuster did not clearly identify aftermarket parts when adjuster read me estimate on the phone. She did not send a copy of estimate although I requested. Now, Geico is refusing to replace aftermarket parts. In addition, their preferred facility improperly repaired my car. Front bumper is misaligned, one of the sensor light was on immediately when I checked out my car from repair shop. They told me that they will fix my car again later without giving me detailed plans.

Insurance Expert Answer:

In nearly all states, aftermarket parts are the norm. Manufacturers charge outrageously high prices for OEM parts. If you insisted on their use, the extra cost is all yours in such states. In most cases if you drive into a tree, and could have avoided it with normal diligence, as you had the last clear chance to avoid the accident, it's your fault. Write to GEICO and explain your points. You are entitled to have the car properly repaired. You also could have chosen another shop in most states, but if you didn't, that's that.