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Insurance Carrier: Norfolk And Dedham Group
State: Massachusetts

Consumer Complaint:

On September 23, 2004 I was involved in an automobile accident. The other driver, a teenager, was cited to be 100% at fault. I received injury to left knee. I have had medical appointments and therapy. I will continue to have limitations due to the injury and future medical care. Before the statute ran out, in August of 2007, I contacted DJ at Norfolk and Dedham Group. I gave him all bills and medical documents. I told him I would like to settle this claim before statute ran. He told me he would work with me to settle claim and I offered to do anything needed to get it done. He then reneged, waiting for the statute to run and then telling me, in effect, "too bad, your loss". I had been dealing with him in good faith. Knowing they would have to pay on the claim, he in effect pulled a fast one.

Insurance Expert Answer:

IF you let the statute of limitations run, you'd likely be out of luck, but that would be for a Massachusetts lawyer to answer definitively. You could always consult a lawyer and ask - auto accident lawyers generally do not charge upfront, but only from what they recover on your behalf.

The first horrible error you made was trying to handle an accident case where there were more than trivial injuries and minor expenses on your own. That tells everyone in the insurance company they are dealing with a fool, and even if they'd settle, it would have been pennies on the dollar (like "lady we'll pay half the medical bills the other insurance companies didn't, but we won't pay for the loss of the leg....").

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