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State: Ohio

Consumer Complaint:

If a person accepts a pain and suffering settlement from an accident (assuming all medical bills had been paid) and then soon after he receives more bills tied to the original accident, does the insurance have an obligation to pay them? In this case the settlement was $5200 and the total of the late incoming bills is $2315. We've sent a letter to the company requesting that they take care of the bills. I'm exploring my options to take in case they don't. The accident occurred and the insurance company is in Tennessee. Thank you.

Insurance Expert Answer:

It is normally part of any accident settlement covering pain and suffering as well as medical expenses, that you sign a "general release" as part of the settlement. Unless you were smart enough to have a lawyer negotiate for you, so that the settlement specifically exempts incurred but unbilled past (and possible future) medical bills, you are out of luck.