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Insurance Carrier: AAA Member Select Insurance Co
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

When I was in an accident on 11/11/2008 the car was a total loss.

I was given a settlement amount and asked for the breakdown of the offer and it was never sent to me. I was also told that my insurance company would pay off my loan. It is now 12/15 and I have received nothing in the mail about my claim. I have called the representative handling my claim many times leaving messages about why it is taking this much time for them to issue a settlement check, and why they have not sent me a copy of the breakdown of the amount.


Finally, I received a call back after I left a message on my agent's voicemail with the assistance of another representative. My agent said that they were waiting for the title to be sent over from my bank. I called the bank to see if I could help get things moving along, and I found out that the loan had not been paid off yet so they can not send the title to my insurance company until that happens. It has been over a month since this claim was filed. I am dissatisfied.

Insurance Expert Answer:

You should be dissatisfied. But as a practical matter things are apparently operating at normal (slow) insurance speed. Be patient. Keep writing letters. Be polite but persistent. Phone calls are usually a waste of time.