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Insurance Carrier: United Auto
State: Georgia

Consumer Complaint:

I was involved in a car accident January 31, 2009. The person who hit me was found to be in fault by the police and was cited for failure to yield. My car was totalled by her insurance company United Auto Insurance by their adjuster two weeks ago. As of today I have not been given a rental car or compensation of any kind for my vehicle. Now United Auto is telling me they are sending another adjuster and it could be another 30 days. Meanwhile I am still without a vehicle and no one seems to care that I am losing work (I have 2 jobs and no car).

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you have no collision, you now know how helpful it can be. Instead of dealing with your own company you must deal with the other driver's insurer. It regards you as the enemy and wants to hold down the amount it pays out -- and if it can get away with it, delay and deny. It will make you desperate, and perhaps make as low ball an offer as it can and say that you have to take it or leave it, unless you want to go out and sue their driver. By the way, you can go out and get the car repaired on your own, pay for it, and also rent a car and pay for that. If you settle the amount you paid would likely be reimbursed. Certainly it would if you sue and win, as you would be entitled to reimbursement at the end, etc. Many car rental firms have special low rates for collision situations. If you suffered any documented personal injury, with loss of work, pain, scaring, and/or medical expenses, see an auto accident or personal injury lawyer ASAP and do not try to handle it on your own. Such lawyers do not get involved in pure property damage claims, as the personal injury is usually far greater that the repair costs, but they would handle both for you -- on a contingency basis -- if there is a meaningful enough personal injury claim. Our affiliate is a good place to find good attorneys.