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Complaint 13 of 36 in "Claim Denied or Delayed"

Insurance Carrier: Nationwide And State Farm
State: West Virginia

Consumer Complaint:

I have a claim against two companies. I think this is taking way too long. It has been since June. I put in my claim first and now my brother has put in a claim and that is holding me up. I actually had to be cut out of the car and my brother was driving it. I want to know what I can do to make this go faster. Can I sue my brother? Should I make a complaint with the State Insurance Department? Please help.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you have a lawyer, ask the lawyer. Nothing can hurt your case more than a stranger making suggestions from thousands of miles away to a lawyer on the ground. If you feel your lawyer is not capable, you can switch lawyers. (As we have family in WV I can tell you WV lawyers run the gamut from great to awful.)