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Insurance Carrier: Insure Max
State: Indiana

Consumer Complaint:

I let my brother use my car one day to go to school on December 9, 2008. That day after school he was giving a ride to a friend when he had an accident with another car. He told me that it was his fault and that's what we told the insurance carrier. Even though my car, a 99 Mustang, had full coverage the insurance just payed for the other car's damages. They told me that they didn't want to pay my car. It's already been four months and all they have told me is that I need to wait. My agent said that as long as the person was not living in my household and had a legal driver's license the insurance would cover any damage.

Insurance Expert Answer:

The 4 month period is far too long a wait. While there are circumstances in which your carrier might legitimately deny the claim (if driver was unlicensed, a frequent user of the car but not reported when purchasing the policy, etc.) it should respond promptly. Even if your insurance company wants to sue the driver, or have his insurance company pay the claim, it still should pay you and later seek subrogation. Complain to the Department of Insurance.