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Complaint 23 of 36 in "Claim Denied or Delayed"

Insurance Carrier: State Farm Insurance
State: Ohio

Consumer Complaint:

I was in an accident April 8, 2008. A young girl hit me in the back of my car because she was on her cell phone. I had physical therapy and because I am a personal trainer missed a little work but I managed to go to the physical therapy and then do some of it myself at their direction to save cost and time. I still have pain in my shoulder and a bump. Nevertheless, I took as much time to go to physical therapy as I could and closed my case in July or August. The other insurance company will not return phone calls. I complained once and she still only called once. The problem is the hospital wants to be paid. State Farm doesn’t even care that they will ruin my credit. Isn’t there anything I can do?

Insurance Expert Answer:

The first mistake you made was expecting the other driver's insurance company to treat you fairly. Handling a personal injury claim yourself almost always leads to frustration, inadequate treatment and low recovery. Anything you say is used against you.

You indicated you now spoke to an attorney. If the attorney is handling the matter, stay on top of the lawyer. Very often delay in speaking to a lawyer damages the case, and makes it hard for the lawyer to maximize recovery.