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Insurance Carrier: State Farm Insurance, Auto
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

I have a medical policy of $5000.00. This has been used. Both parties have State Farm insurance. But State Farm will not pay until the accident is settled. They have accepted responsibility for their insured’s rear-ending my car. I have people who are ready to sue me for non-payment. Thanks for your help.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you already have over $5,000 in medical bills you likely have a serious accident. Get a lawyer now! You're already being taken advantage of by State Farm. They are likely holding you hostage on the medical bills to take an unrealistically low settlement and there is no way you can deal with them on your own and come out okay.

As this smacks of bad faith (but may not be, yet) you should speak with a bad faith law firm at no cost and with no obligation on either side. It they think it is a solid enough case, they'll suggest alternatives with you.