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Complaint 29 of 36 in "Claim Denied or Delayed"

Insurance Carrier: One Beacon
State: Massachusetts

Consumer Complaint:

Other party ran red light - my car totaled. Other person found 100% liable. Submitted claim initially through my ins, Progressive - too little $2300-salvage of about $300, and they said they would have to recover deductible ($1000). Filed through other driver ins, One Beacon. Offered even less $2938. Even submitted bills for recent work totaling $2000. What do I do next? How do I file for arbitration?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Value is hard to deal with. The $2k in repairs is gone. The value is what a car of the same age, model, make, equipment, mileage, location and condition is worth.

The fact you made expensive repairs merely helps determine condition. If you have collision coverage, it generally pays to let your carrier deal with it. Sure there is a deductible, but your carrier SHOULD go after the other driver for property damage and refund the deductible in full or large part. ASK YOUR COMPANY.

You didn't need anyone's permission to SEE A DOCTOR if there is any injury; your health insurance would cover it for now, and if you were driving a car the med pay provisions in YOUR auto insurance would also cover it. Now, 2 weeks later, unless there is something clearly attributable to the accident, getting paid for a doctor's visit is tougher. Separate out the property damage (to your car) and a potentially much larger personal injury claim if there was any personal injury, scar, ongoing loss of function, loss of income due to injury, etc. which really requires a lawyer to handle well.

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