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Insurance Carrier: AIG
State: Colorado

Consumer Complaint:

I was hit 25 days ago. It took 12 days for insurance to total vehicle and they still have not settled with the finance company of that vehicle so I can move forward with a new vehicle. They have lied to me twice about what has been done and now I'm paying out of pocket for a rental because the company hasn't moved forward in a timely manner. I can't use my new loan without a release on the old vehicle and I am unsure of how to get the insurance company to follow through, and as quickly as possible.

Insurance Expert Answer:

A few days ago AIG's parent was almost bankrupt, as you read in the papers. Thus, normal pressure does not work. Second I assume AIG is your carrier. If not you may be in for a longer wait as you'd have to prove liability and they are a pain to deal with. If it is not your carrier, contact your carrier and let them deal with AIG. In any event they are dealing with lots of other stuff. Keep calling, be polite but persistent, send confirming letters. Demand they reimburse the cost of the rental car.