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Insurance Carrier:
State: Oklahoma

Consumer Complaint:

An insured business in Minnesota damaged my vehicle while providing paid service. The business owner claims that his insurance company will not cover the damage and informed me that to receive payment for the damage, I must take him to court. I am trying to locate the name of his business insurance company so I can contact them myself, to ask why they denied his request. I am currently not able to get into contact with the owner of the business.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Whether he told you the truth or not, you have his answer. A property or business owner has no duty to go to his insurance company, and his company is unlikely to pay a claim unless he talks to them. He may not have any insurance -- he may not need to -- or he may have a high deductible and would have to pay claims up to $X out of his own pocket anyway, or perhaps he does not want claims reported as they would jack up his rates. Or perhaps this is his "get lost" answer. Why not take him to court? Get a lawyer to write a demand letter -- if you do he certainly will send it to his insurance company, assuming he has insurance, or make an offer if he thinks you are serious. Or you could go right to the appropriate small claims court. Local small claims courts often have jurisdiction to hear cases up to $2,000-5,000 or more. Ask the court clerk what you have to do. He'll take the complaint to the insurance company. You'll have to prove your case and the damages in any event.