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Insurance Carrier: United Healthcare
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

In October of 2008, my wife received covered services from a United Healthcare network physician. As of March 19, 2009, the claim has yet to be paid by United Healthcare. I phoned them (their toll free number on my ID card), the first person was not helpful. They transferred me to an "elevated" status. The person I was transferred to, told me that is would take 4 days to "make a decision" regarding the claim and the Dr. office would be informed within 10 business days by mail. This is an exhorbitant amount of time to pay a healthcare provider. The people at United Healthcare were not helpful in any resolution, only "noted the account". When I asked for someone with authority to resolve the issue, the person on the phone refused and bluntly told me "A decision will be made in 48 hours".

Insurance Expert Answer:

You've been more than patient. Our experience is polite letters to management work far better than calls to clerks at an 800 call center.