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Insurance Carrier: Cobra (covered by Aetna)
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

I'm 56 and am covered thru my husband's company who contracts thru ADP (for payroll & insurances). If my husband retires, can I have COBRA until I can take Medicare? What if my husband's business closes? What would happen to the COBRA? Would ADP continue the COBRA even if his company is not involved?

Insurance Expert Answer:

THIS IS FREE ADVICE FROM WWW.FREEADVICE.COM AND NOT PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE OR LEGAL ADVICE ON WHICH YOU CAN RELY. AS WE UNDERSTAND IT, any rights you may have to get and then maintain COBRA coverage are very limited in scope and duration -- something like a year in some circumstances -- somewhat longer in others. Not all employers are covered by Federal COBRA -- for example many small employers are not subject to COBRA, although in some states they have local state versions of COBRA that cover some of the larger small employers that COBRA excludes. IF the sponsor of the group remains in business and maintains coverage you're generally okay IF you elect COBRA in time and pay for it. BUT if the employer closes down (and perhaps if the employer cancels the group health plan) as they used to say in the cartoons: "That's All Folks." I would think that ADP is merely the employer's payroll agent and buying source for the insurance. SOME employers have retirement plans that continue spousal coverage for retirees. So read your retirement and health plan carefully.