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Insurance Carrier: United Healthcard
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

Notified by Co. I work for that they will be cancelling my Health Ins. as of Aug. 1st. At that time I will have been on disability since May 1st. The Co. says they only cover health for 3 months for injured employees. Is this standard?

Insurance Expert Answer:

First, if your employer is large enough, you'll likely have the right to maintain coverage by paying for it under COBRA. That would seem wise if you're disabled and in need of health care.

Second, there no longer is such a thing as standard when it comes to health insurance. Each employer has its own policies and practices. Health insurance is a very expensive fringe benefit for an employer and some firms cut it off right away and let employees COBRA it or fend for themselves. Others maintain it until a fully disabled employee can qualify for Medicare. Some "career oriented" companies have generous health plans and maintain coverage for their disabled employees thru age 65. Problems such as you are experiencing with health insurance, health care and huge costs (to all -- employees, employers and taxpayers) will one day create enough pressure for a national health care plan, and we as a nation need one. The issues will be how to pay for it, who will run it, and how extensive it will be.