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Complaint 0 of 0 in "COBRA or Coordination of Benefits"

Insurance Carrier: Professional Benefits Corp
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

Insurance company told me that they would not cover my wife’s pregnancy after I'm layed off because the company will no longer cover my insurance after I'm layed off. My wife is pregnant and was so before I was layed off. That’s a pre-existing condition.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Unless there is a special agreement or contract or union plan, the insurance company usually stops providing health coverage at the time of the employee's termination of employment, or any longer period the terms of the employer's heath insurance plan provide. Few plans cover continuing treatment. IF your employer was a private firm, that is still in business and had 20 or more employees and maintains coverage for remaining employees, you generally have the right to BUY continuation coverage under COBRA, a federal statute.

In some states there are state COBRA laws that also give similar rights to employees of smaller firms.