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Insurance Carrier: Cigna Healthcare
State: Colorado

Consumer Complaint:

During an emergency room visit 5/3/08, I was not made aware that I was being treated by an out-of-network, non-contracted physician's assistant within an in-network facility. Consequently, I was charged the non-discounted rate of $471.00. Even though the cost was applied to my deductible, the fact of the matter is that this shouldn't be my problem. Beacon Medical Services is unwilling to discount the charges. Cigna Insurance said they don't have control over who the emergency room facility chooses to use. Can you help? I have agreed to pay 75% of the total charges to Beacon Medical Services in Aurora, Colorado. Beacon Medical Services is not willing to discount the charge of $471.00. I want a portion of these charges taken off my account. Can you help?

Insurance Expert Answer:

No we can't as it is a problem with a provider, not an insurance company. We can suggest that you say you'll pay the average DISCOUNTED rate they charge to and receive from insurance companies NOT their "rack rate".