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Insurance Carrier: BC/BS Of Illinois
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

I was just told that they (BC/BS) turned down my family for health coverage because my 3 yr old has asthma.

Insurance Expert Answer:

First I am truly sorry that your child has asthma. Second, if you are applying for insurance as an individual or family or are required to undergo underwriting, the insurance company will look at the risk profile you and/or your family presents. Unless the company is required to accept all comers every insurance company can accept the good risks and turn down those risks that present too high a risk profile and thus are likely to cost them money. (You would too if you owned the insurance company.) In some circumstances, in some states, individual underwriting is not permitted. For example in NY and CA any business with 2 to about 50 employees can buy the same employee health insurance as any other business at the same price. That's why we need and one day will have a national health insurance program where everyone can buy some level of health insurance. What that will consist of, who pays, and how much it will cost, and when it will happen is something that your votes will help determine.