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Insurance Carrier: Blue Cross/Blue Shield
State: Georgia

Consumer Complaint:

Through their error, Blue Cross/Blue Shield jeopardized my SS# and sensitive health information. Although this error was verified both by two letters from BC/BS stating that this error had occurred and by The American Cancer Society who administers the plan, BC/BS cannot find my name or information. This is GROSS INCOMPETENCE on their part and has violated my private health information and subjected me to identity theft through publication of my Social Security number. Their offer of a year's monitoring of my credit report is insufficient to grant me peace of mind in the protection of my identity and untold problems that may arise in years to come because of their error. I need legal advise as to my options in dealing with such incompetence. The subject of recompense is precisely WHY I contacted you. Although there has not yet been any financial harm, this error has caused considerable consternation on my part and I feel one year of credit monitoring is insufficient on the part of BC/BS should there be any future financial harm. I further feel that their assigning my SS# as part of their correspondence was shortsighted (at the least) of them in dealing with their customers; this should have been adjusted long ago when identity theft first became an issue to the general public. Why should I have this worry when the problem is clearly their mishandling of their customer's data? Isn't there any recourse to me? Isn't there harm other than financial harm to me; isn't there any value to my peace of mind and trust in those corporations to which my personal information is entrusted?????? A simple "I'm sorry" doesn't right the wrong that their mistake may have caused.

Insurance Expert Answer:

What do YOU think is the appropriate recompense at this time, for what clearly was an error on the part of BC/BS, when that error has not yet caused you any financial harm and may never do so?