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Insurance Carrier: Affordable Health Care Options
State: Arizona

Consumer Complaint:

AHCO advertises to provide maternity discount programs to persons who are pregnant without insurance coverage, or persons who do not qualify for state plans. I contacted the organization and paid the enrollment fee of $199.00. Ahco set me up with a physician where I could use their discount card. Upon contacting the clinic I was referred to I was advised they do not accept this program. I returned back to AHCO, who states they now cannot assist me because I am too far along in my pregnancy. I requested a refund of my enrollment fee, and cancellation from AHCO. AHCO has refused to refund my money, and cancel my membership. Furthermore, they have mislead the clinic they set me up with to believe that they are actually an "insurance" company. They state AHCO has advised them I have "insurance". The clinic refuses to allow me to apply for financial assistance until I provide a cancellation letter from AHCO, saying they are not insurance. This has now become a health concern, as I cannot see a doctor.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Kiss the money goodbye. If something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. See what the Federal Government's FTC has to say:

I suggest that you write a letter to the Arizona Insurance Department and the Arizona Attorney General. These so called "plans" are almost always frauds, and designed to trick people (who should know better) into thinking they are real insurance. As for getting assistance, take in the so called "policy" which undoubtedly says it is not insurance in tiny print. Also, get a list of licensed insurers in Arizona, and show that your "plan" is NOT on it.

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