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Insurance Carrier: Affinity Healthcare
State: Florida

Consumer Complaint:

I received a letter on 7/15/08 from National Alliance of Associations regarding refund status. They recommended that I contact you requesting a letter regarding the refund be sent. Have you heard anything about these companies? I trash so many things that come in the mail. I am not sure how many months I paid for. The company that had us get the Insurance made many promises. The whole time Monte had Insurance I was never able to get him in to see any of the Doctors they had on the approved list. I am helping a friend.

Insurance Expert Answer:

There are numerous phony "medical discount plans" out there that try to trick people into believing they are insurance plans. Although I was not aware of the one you specifically mentioned, others claim it is a rip-off. See

You should write to the Florida Insurance Commissioner and report this and ask for help -- it looks as if Florida already has attempted to stop these people (from one of the articles posted on the above URL). Your email illustrates one more reason the nation needs a comprehensive national health plan.