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Insurance Carrier: Homeland Healthcare
State: Wisconsin

Consumer Complaint:

I found America's Health Brokers online through an internet search for health insurance. They said they had health insurance through Homeland HealthCare but it was a discount plan. I asked them to cancel the policy but they took out over $900 from our bank account after promising me they would cancel and refund my first month's premium.

Below are two links of info I found out on these companies.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Most "discount health plans" are NOT insurance and not backed by any  insurance company licensed in your state. The material is misleading and the claimed discounts tend to be illusory.

You can complain to the Federal Trade Commission and the State Attorney General and the Consumer Protection folks, but that's unlikely to get you your money back.

You can also complain to your bank about the fraudulent withdrawal and it may be able to do something.