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Insurance Carrier: Farm Bureau
State: Arkansas

Consumer Complaint:

I have a large pecan tree next to my house and during the 'GUSTAV STORM' the tree became unstable and is threatening to fall on my neighbor's house. I called my insurance company, the adjuster came out and stated that they would not cut the tree down and acknowledged that it was damaged from the storm and that the tree has to taken down.

The adjuster stated that it was my responsibility to do this; my agent stated when I took the policy out that these trees by the house were covered and they would not be a problem, and further more the adjuster told me that now that they were aware of the situation that if the tree fell on my neighbors house, it was my problem, not theirs.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This gets tricky as all sorts of issues are in play. If it fell on your neighbor's house there may have been no claim as it's often considered an act of God so your neighbor would be out of luck (and mad as Hades at you). Now that the tree poses a perilous condition you may have a duty to take it down. That's often regarded as maintenance and your company won't pay for normal maintenance items. But if it falls after you could have taken it down, your company may deny the claim as you had knowledge of a perilous circumstance. Post the question under insurance at as others may have different views.