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Insurance Carrier: American Family Insurance Company
State: Florida

Consumer Complaint:

No one wants to touch this claim and the statute of limitations is just about over. I need to have an extension so I can continue to pursue getting legal representation on this Bad Faith Claim.

Insurance Expert Answer:

People generally can stop the statute of limitations from running by filing and/or serving a lawsuit pro se, but once the statute of limitation has run, as it is in football when the clock has run out, the game's over.

Among reasons lawyers typically turn down cases are:

  • a case may be far too difficult or complex for them to handle,
  • they don't know insurance law,
  • they do know insurance law and conclude there is no case there,
  • the client may be expecting to have the lawyers work on a contingency
  • the lawyers' assessment is the work required is excessive and/or not worth the risk,
  • punitive damages are very hard if not impossible to obtain in some states,
  • the client is unwilling to pay for the lawyer's time and/or expenses,
  • proof may be next to impossible,
  • the client's background may pose problems,
  • the client may be seen as too difficult or demanding,
  • the insurance company involved may have a reputation for being fair
  • the insurance company may be known as so unreasonable that it fights like a dog and goes all out to defend every case, etc.