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Complaint 0 of 0 in "Hail Damage"

Insurance Carrier: State Auto
State: Kentucky

Consumer Complaint:

There was damage to my roof July, 2008. The agent never sent the claim until Sep 4, 2008. The roof estimate states the seals on the shingles are broken, and the roof should be replaced. The insurance company only wants to pay $400 (less $250 deductible) to replace 10 shingles. I am calling to dispute the results of the claim, the company does not call me back, the agent is giving me the runaround, and meanwhile, my roof is not fixed. They sent a check for $200+, I haven't cashed it. Any time I call to inquire or complain, everyone is "in the field" because of the recent storms, working 14 hour days and can't call me back. The agent says the roof is 10 years old and only the repair is necessary; then the insurance company is telling me it's too old and the damage is deterioration over time. The agent is telling me something about replacing just the front half of the roof as a "compromise", but the insurance company isn't saying anything like that.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Write a real letter -- phone calls are too easy to ignore -- to the VP for Claim of the insurance company at its home office and complain. Send a copy to the KY Insurance Department. Then call the KY Insurance Department. One alternative, hire a "public adjuster."