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Complaint 0 of 0 in "Offering Too Little Money"

Insurance Carrier: Cotton States
State: Georgia

Consumer Complaint:

Insurance company estimate is way too low using prices that are outdated and do not match current market cost. Also, the insurance adjuster is threatening the Insured that if they do not use their "recommended contractor" to rebuild that he will cut off any further "additional living expense" if they continue to request appraisal to resolve their differences.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I'd urge you to hire a professional public adjuster to deal with the company; companies can argue from here to doomsday with an insured on whether their price or your price is to high/low. A professional knows the pricing and how to deal with them, and on a big claim, it's often needed. In the meantime, write down the details of every contact with the company or its adjuster, as that's essential if it gets to a bad faith situation -- which I've seen repeatedly when the claim is large and/or it involves a business. But with a business there is no additional living expense. So I am confused.