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Insurance Carrier: Travelers
State: Texas

Consumer Complaint:

Two leaks in home. Travelers cut check and then became totally uninvolved. I was expecting Travelers handle their homeowner's insurance in the same fashion as the handled an auto claim when I hit a herd of deer. In the auto claim, the auto restoration company dealt with the adjuster directly on any differences. Travelers did what I expected and had been paying them to do for the last 15 years, they covered the damage and were my advocate. For homeowner's, they did their estimate and then disappeared. I expected them to be involved and my advocate as they were in the auto. Instead I receive an invoice from the restoration company $5K over what Travelers is willing to pay. This has since been brought down to a difference of $1,630, mostly my effort. Travelers says sorry for the bad luck. I believe that their lack of consistency in administering their business contributed to this issue. Is this a case worthly a lawyer, am I wrong?

Insurance Expert Answer:

My sense is that you were very lucky the first time on the car claim -- and this time it's service as normal. If the Travelers estimate was far too low, and the restoration company came in far higher, then you should write a polite letter to the Senior VP of Claims for Travelers, explain the situation and ask them to increase the payment or work it out with the restoration company. As for a getting lawyer, I'd wait until after you sent your own letter and got a response. Then if you have a friend who is a lawyer and s/he sends a letter as a favor, fine. But by hiring a lawyer at $250-450 per hour you'd soon be sorry you started....