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Insurance Carrier: State Farm
State: Illinois

Consumer Complaint:

My insurance company is not paying my full claim on fire that occurred in my apartment on 1-20-08. Also, the adjusters are interpreting my policy in their own words. They are not acknowledging the wording in my policy to pay my full claim. They are continuously threatening to discontinue my additional living expenses (residence placement). My policy allows up to 24 months of placement. However, my insurance is denying this even though it is written in my policy in black and white.

Insurance Expert Answer:

It would be essential to carefully read the policy and investigate the facts to give real advice on this.

A polite but detailed letter to the CEO or VP for Claims of State Farm in Bloomington, Illinois MAY help, as might a complaint to the Illinois Insurance Department, but your matter is far too fact dependent for us to be able to answer. You would be best advised to speak with a lawyer.