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Insurance Carrier: Cuna Mutual Insurance Co.
State: Pennsylvania

Consumer Complaint:

We paid this life insurance policy through work. I am now disabled and can't get any information from insurance rep, who refuses to answer any questions. I don't even know what coverage exists. I need help in getting a copy of the policy. I also need to know why I still have to pay a premium when according to contract terms (as told by other people) we should've not had to pay a premium since I had to retire because of a disability after 32 years (which I did). We recently moved to Pennsylvania but work was located in West Virginia; Weirton Steel Corp. Now Arcelor/Mittal Weirton.

Insurance Expert Answer:

There are several things to do. First call CUNA Mutual and ask for help tracking down the policy. Say you want an copy as it is lost. IF it is an individual policy they will be able to find it using your name and/or Social Security Number. Calls often do not produce results, so if the call does not result in what you need, write a POLITE letter to the CEO of CUNA Mutual. If the policy was an employer-provided GROUP policy, or an employer sponsored optional group plan, CUNA may or may not have the information; some group policies are really administered by the employers with the insurance company only as back-up. In that case, write a letter to the head of the Company's US office. As to the waiver of premium in the event of disability, some individual policies provide riders to that effect -- but you'd need a copy of the policy. Some group plans also waive premium at some points.