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Insurance Carrier: Lincoln Life
State: Michigan

Consumer Complaint:

Father has died and his policy with Connecticut General Life Insurance for $4,000 was sold to Lincoln Life. Numerous calls to them have left us cold. What recourse do we have if they cannot find any record of the policy. I have the original policy dated July 1, 1963.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Years of experience taught me that most old policies found in the deceased's papers have lapsed years ago. Yet as the exception sometimes prove the rule, sometimes the old policies are "paid up" and have value -- occassionally more than the face amount. First, read the policy. Does the policy expire at any time? (For example, term life policies often expire at ages 70, 75 or 80; other term policies may be for a fixed period - such as 10 or 20 years - and then expire).

Other policies require continuing payments. If so look through bank records to determine if payments were made. Do your homework first, then if you think the policy is in force, prepare a polite but persuasive and detailed letter explaining why it is inforce and send it to the CEO of the company.