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Insurance Gobbledygook Made Simple

Plain english explanations of insurance terms used by agents, companies and lawyers and found in your insurance policies.

NNegligence failure to exercise a generally acceptable level of care and caution that results in injury or damage to a third party.Networkall physicians, specialists, hospitals and other health care providers who agree to provide medical care to HMO/PPO members under the terms of a contract.No-fault insurancea form of insurance available in many states under which each driver in an accident files claims for losses, such as medical expenses, with their own insurance company, regardless of who caused the accident.Non-renewalthe termination of the insurance contract by electing not to renew the policy at the anniversary date.Nonforfeiture options choices available to a policyholder when he or she discontinues a cash value policy after several years but before maturity. It may be in a cash payment, extended term insurance, or as reduced paid-up term insurance.Nonparticipating insurance insurance that does not pay dividends. Also called nonpar policy.Nonparticipating policya policy in which the company does not distribute any of its surplus to its policyholders.Nonstandard company sells insurance at high rates to drivers with poor driving records or other problems.