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Negotiating Your Disability Insurance Settlement

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Article 5 of 9 in Disability Insurance Claims, Disputes, and Attorneys

A disability settlement is an agreement with the insurance company that results in payment of benefits. If you have a disability benefits claim denied or disagree with the amount of money offered by the insurance company, then you will need to negotiate an agreement. Knowing how to negotiate a disability settlement can be an important step to getting the money you deserve under your insurance coverage

Disability Settlements and Attorneys

The best way to go about getting an equitable disability settlement is to hire a good attorney to navigate the process. A disability attorney can help you with the following:

Negotiating disability insurance settlements is not a small feat, and the insurance company will be prepared with a host of attorneys to defend its position. Engaging a disability insurance attorney that can navigate the documentation, the policy, relevant law, and any difficult discussions with the company will only increase your chances at receiving a suitable settlement.

An attorney can also make sure your disability settlement is fair, which is important because an insurance company will try to low ball you throughout the process.

Get the Most From Your Disability Settlement

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best disability settlement possible:

  1. Stay in contact with your attorney. Be an active participant in your disability settlement by promptly getting any documentation your attorney needs. Securing work related information, salary info, medical info or anything else requested as soon as possible can move your case along and help your attorney respond in a timely manner.

  2. Begin by pulling together all the information (bills, notes on your disability claims, phone logs, copies of emails, injury reports, salary info, etc) on your disability that your disability insurance attorney can use to in fight for your disability settlement.

  3. Answer all questions posed by your disability insurance attorney openly and honestly. This includes any unfavorable information that can hurt your case. The last thing you want is something to broad side your lawyer and catch him or her off guard.

  4. Do not talk about your case with outside sources or on social networking sites. This may compromise your case and make your disability insurance attorney's job harder. This includes posting pictures of yourself on these sites or talking by email about your disability.

  5. If you are ever contacted directly by the insurance company or any of its representatives after you have secured the service of your disability insurance attorney, do not talk to them! Advise that you are represented by legal counsel and refer anyone to your attorney for any and all information they need.

  6. There can be a lot of money on the line in a disability settlement. Insurance companies have been known to have people investigated, tailed by private eyes, video taped and so on. Make sure you are not caught dancing the tango when you are claiming a disabling back injury! Maintain normal activities. Consult your disability insurance attorney with any questions or if you think surveillance could be watching you or your family.

  7. Know when to walk away. There are several legal remedies under disability benefits law that you can use to settle your claim. If you and your attorney are not satisfied with the process, take the next step in resolving the dispute.

A disability settlement should be enough to cover medical bills, your lost wages and all other monetary claims associated with your disability. For such an important claim, you should hire a disability insurance attorney that knows the law, can work with the company, and knows when to take legal action. Do not go into your disability settlement unprepared, or you will not get the payout you deserve!

Disability insurance attorneys offer free consultations, so it does not hurt to speak with one. If you would like to find an attorney in your area, click here to have one review your case for free today.

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