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How To Buy Motorcycle Insurance

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Insurance for your motorcycle can vary in price and coverage. States will have a minimum coverage limit that you need to satisfy that may be different than the minimum coverage for your car insurance. You will need to be aware of the motorcycle insurance requirements before you purchase your bike.

Click here for links to motorcycle and off-road vehicle insurance requirements by state, including other requirements, such as helmet use and eye protection.

Buying Motorcycle Insurance

The most common way to obtain motorcycle insurance is to get a separate policy that covers your motorcycle. Like car insurance, insurers look at various factors to determine what your premium. Some of those factors are as follows:

  • Type of Bike- Certain bikes may be considered safer to drive, or may be less frequently involved in accidents. The safer the bike, the lower the insurance rate.
  • Your driving record- As with car insurance, your record will be a significant factor in your motorcycle insurance rate. Ride safe and pay less!
  • How much you drive the vehicle- Your motorcycle insurance rate will change depending on if you ride to work everyday or whether you use your bike only on weekends or for special occasions
  • Your age- If you're under 25 then expect to pay more.
  • Garaged- Whether or not the vehicle is garaged in a secure location
  • Training- More experience and training can reduce your motorcycle insurance rates. Most states have a DMV motorcycle program that, if successfully completed, will save you money on your insurance.

As is the case with car insurance, you can find cheap motorcycle insurance by getting a variety of insurance quotes, and by demonstrating that you are not a risk. If you can show that you are a safe driver, include safety features on the motorcycle, or otherwise indicate that you are not likely to cause the insurance company to have to pay out a claim in the future then you may qualify for a discount. Ask your insurance company about available discounts on motorcycle insurance.

TIP: Some insurers will reduce your rates if you only drive in the summer and garage your bike in the winter. These seasonal motorcycle insurance policies will reduce your premium dramatically.

Adding a Motorcycle to Existing Coverage

As an alternative to separate motorcycle insurance, many companies offer an endorsement that covers miscellaneous vehicles which attaches to your auto insurance contract. In addition to motorcycles, those vehicles can be mopeds, motor homes and dune buggies. If you choose to pursue this plan, make sure you discuss the cost with your insurance agency, and take the opportunity to get quotes from other companies to ensure you are getting the best price.

TIP: How often you use your motorcycle may determine whether you will want to get a separate insurance policy. If you regularly ride your motorcycle, you will likely want to insure it on its own for more coverage. However, if you infrequently ride, then you can probably get satisfactory coverage in an endorsement or rider attached to your existing policy.

Whether you decide to insure your motorcycle separately, or include it as part of your existing policy, you will need to shop for quotes to get the best price on motorcycle insurance. Click here to visit Free Advice's quote center for quotes on motorcycle insurance!.

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