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What A Disability Insurance Attorney Can Do

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Article 7 of 9 in Disability Insurance Claims, Disputes, and Attorneys

If you are in the middle of a disability claim and not getting the results you need from the insurance company, you may want to consider hiring a disability insurance attorney to be on your side. An experienced disability insurance attorney gives you a better chance at collecting the benefits that you deserve by negotiating a disability settlement, pursuing legal action when appropriate, and leveling the playing field against the insurance company.

TIP: Many disability law firms offer free consultations with their attorneys, so take the time for a consultation if you have a problem collecting disability benefits.

What a Disability Insurance Attorney Does

A disability insurance attorney is an advocate who will work to protect your rights under your insurance policy, and any disability laws that apply. Collecting benefits to replace lost income can be critical, and a disability advocate by your side can be a tremendous help when you need to work with your insurance company. If you find yourself disputing your benefits, an attorney can:

  • Review your claim and disability denial documents and immediately recognize any errors that the insurance company has made.
  • Negotiate a disability settlement.
  • Pursue any available legal remedies under disability law such as arbitration or litigation.
  • Make requests for and collect necessary documentation to prove your disability case, including medical records, employer statements on wages and hours, as well as financial evidence from the IRS.
  • Help you testify at a hearing and subpoena any necessary witnesses.
  • Put an end to any harassment from the insurance company when it tries to verify that you are disabled.
  • Reduce the time it takes to process your disability settlement by filing necessary documents and cutting through the red tape.

In addition to managing the process, an experienced disability advocate will know how to fight to get you the benefits you deserve. Insurance companies can work hard to deny claims, and an attorney is a valuable partner.

TIP: Your insurance company will have an experienced legal team! A disability insurance attorney levels the playing field by knowing how to negotiate and argue to get your benefits.

Disability Advocates and Social Security Insurance

One of the most important times to consult a disability advocate is when you are applying for public disability assistance. If you are applying for public disability insurance, then you face a long and potentially difficult process before collecting benefits. Because social security insurance is limited, you may have a hard time collecting benefits even if you feel that you qualify for public assistance. Consult with a disability advocate, and find a way to get the benefits you need if you are disabled and unable to work.

How to Find a Disability Law Firm That Will Work for You

The best way to find a disability law firm is through referral. Contact family or friends that have used a particular disability attorney in the past. If you are unable to find a firm or attorney through referral, check out your local bar association, yellow pages or review your favorite legal resources site: Once you find a disability insurance attorney that you feel can handle your case, make sure you ask them the right questions before you commit. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask some questions about the disability process, and make sure the disability insurance attorney answers them with confidence.
  • Make sure the attorney is responsive and returns calls.
  • If possible, find an attorney working with a disability law firm that has a good reputation and gives a professional impression.
  • Many disability insurance lawyers are extremely busy and on many occasion you may talk with a representative in their office, so make sure the staff is courteous and helpful .

If you get a sense that the attorney is not experienced enough in disability law, or the firm is unprofessional, then find another one. You are shopping for a disability insurance attorney, and will ultimately make the decision.

The Cost of a Disability Insurance Attorney

Most disability insurance attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means their fee will be a percentage of any disability settlement they win for you, with fees ranging from 25-33%. Talk with any prospective attorney and ask about their fees. Make sure you understand how this will effect your settlement before you sign any representation contract.

Use attorney finder to locate a disability insurance attorney in your area that will help you get the disability settlement you deserve. Click here to have an attorney review your case for free today.

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