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Home Insurance Question from Little Canada, Minnesota

Asked on 4/24/2019.   This question has received 44 views.
With all of the listed items being true, is there an anonymnous way to report this neighbor to their own insurance company to investigate this situation?   1. Neighbor has trampoline causing endless hours of screaming kids noise polution. 2. Trampoline is on sloped, un-even ground, un-anchored, unlocked, and un-signed. (Warning signs are typically required) 3. Trampoline is located in a high wind area near several homes. 4. Many small kids from neighborhood use the trampoline un-supervised. 5. Neighbor has a criminal past. 6. Neighbor is suspected of having homeowners insurance that does not cover trampolines and may drop homeowner coverage if trampoline is detected on property. 7. Neighbors homeowners insurance company name is unknown. 8. Neighbors are best avoided and best not communicated with.

Answer given on April 26, 2019

some of the items can be reported to the city/town for violations.  Otherwise there is not much to be done.

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