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Question 1 of 10 in How Much Do I Need
What are the factors I should consider in analyzing my need for coverage?
1. Scope of facilities in which treatment must be performed (e.g. nursing home vs. assisted living)

2. Scope of "professionals" who can perform the care (e.g. nurses vs. aids.)

3. How benefits are paid: Reimbursement or indemnity

4. Maximum lifetime benefits

5. Maximum daily benefits

6. The conditions that "trigger" benefits

7.Elimination (or waiting) period before benefits begin

8. Inflation protection

9. Qualified or non-qualified policy

10. Discounts for husband and wife

11. Restoration of benefits

12. Waiver of premium if benefits are being paid

13. Nonforfeiture benefits if you stop paying premiums

14. Premium paying period

15. Respite care