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What kind of exclusions and limitations might be in my health plan?
There are a variety of exclusions and limitations with respect to health insurance. Common exclusions include pre-existing conditions (subject to portability of insurance as discussed below), substance abuse, attempted suicide, mental illness, reimbursement through a Workers’ Compensation insurance program, cosmetic or elective surgery and procedures, optical and dental coverage, prescription medicine, and procedures determined to be preventive care.

Many individual health insurance policies exclude coverage for medical conditions that exist prior to the inception of the coverage. This is commonly referred to as a "pre-existing condition" exclusion. Common pre-existing condition periods are six months and 1 year prior to the inception of the insurance coverage. Other common exclusions include: psychiatric care, alcohol and drug related problems, prescription medicines, and elective or cosmetic surgery and services.

Other common limitations of coverage are listed below under Health Insurance Purchase Considerations.