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Question 1 of 3 in Insurance Coverage And Major Disease, Illness, Substance Abuse, And Aids/hiv
People who suffer as a result of major disease or illness, such as AIDS/HIV, have special concerns with respect to health insurance coverage. People can quality for Group health insurance coverage despite disease or illness, however, exclusions for pre-existing conditions may restrict available coverage.

Some states require insurance companies that offer health insurance in that state to offer health insurance to all applicants so if you are a resident of such a state you will be able to obtain health insurance on an individual basis. Some states have state-run health insurance plans; however, the premium for such plans are is often high as a result of adverse selection (typically people who are sick and unable to obtain coverage elsewhere comprise the majority of the pool of insureds in such plans). As a final resort, people with major diseases and illness deplete their assets and resources to qualify for coverage under Medicaid.